The Italian Bracco is an athletic, powerful dog. They look like a colored bloodhound. Some say they resembling a cross between a German Shorthaired Pointer and a Bloodhound. The Bracco might look like a cross between these two breeds, but it acts nothing like either. It has a jowly, very unique look and is quite regal when sitting. It should be “almost square”, meaning that its height at the shoulders should be almost the same as the length of its body.

The breed has a famous rear driving push off and a very powerful grace. The tail can be docked, mostly due to the strong possibility of injury in rough terrain when hunting. Some in Italy are working the breed with a full tail. Braccos are a very people oriented dog and thrive on human companionship. They develop a strong bond with their owners. They make a good family dog and seem to do very well with children.

The Bracco is a  hunting breed and can be trained to leave the cat alone.  They are very willing to please as long as they have been trained to do so. Obedience training is a good idea especially you the new owner is inexperienced with dogs.  Harsh reprimands are not necessary with this breed as they respond well to the voice. Although not an aggressive breed, most Braccos will bark when a stranger arrives at the house.

The breed loves the hunt and they excel at it. Most are capable of doing many different tasks in the field.  They love to retrieve and don’t mind water at all. They have a fine nose and most will point from instinct. The breed can also be trained to track wounded game. They are a active breed and need exercise as do most dogs. The breed can make a very good companion dog to a non-hunting family but the family needs to be an active one to keep the dog happy and stimulated. Honey3